Benefits of BJJ as a Female

Benefits of doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a female.


Diana Scriven

6/3/20233 min read

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art focusing on grappling and ground fighting. It is often considered one of the most effective self-defense systems in the world, as it allows smaller and weaker practitioners to overcome larger and stronger opponents using leverage and technique. But BJJ is not only a great way to protect yourself but also a great way to improve your mental health, physical fitness, social skills, emotional well-being, and overall empowerment as a female. Here are some of the benefits of doing BJJ as a female:

Mental health benefits: BJJ can help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. BJJ is a form of physical exercise which releases endorphins and serotonin in your brain, making you feel happier and more relaxed. BJJ also challenges you to learn new skills, solve problems, and overcome obstacles, which boosts your confidence and self-esteem. BJJ also teaches you to be humble, respectful, and resilient as you face defeat and failure regularly. BJJ can also give you a sense of purpose and belonging as you pursue your goals and connect with your teammates. BJJ is about competing with yourself and making slow, manageable progress.

Self-defense benefits: BJJ can help you defend yourself in case of an attack or assault. BJJ teaches you to escape from common attacks such as grabs, chokes, punches, kicks, and weapons. BJJ also teaches you how to control and subdue an attacker using joint locks, chokes, and holds. BJJ trains you to be calm and composed in stressful situations as you learn to breathe correctly and manage your adrenaline. BJJ also empowers you to stand up for yourself and others as you develop a strong sense of self-worth and dignity.

Physical benefits: BJJ can help you improve your physical fitness and health. BJJ is a full-body workout that burns calories, builds muscle, and improves cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, and agility. BJJ also helps prevent injuries and diseases by strengthening your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and immune system. BJJ also enables you to maintain a healthy weight and body image by promoting a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Social benefits: BJJ can help you make new friends and have fun. BJJ is a social activity that involves interacting with people from different backgrounds, ages, genders, cultures, and personalities. BJJ fosters a friendly and supportive environment where you can share your experiences, learn from each other, and have fun together. BJJ also helps you develop social skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, empathy, and respect. We have always felt welcomed no matter what gym we have been to worldwide. There is something different with BJJ gyms vs. other martial art gyms and their members that I can not fully put into words, but it’s something I’ve seen repeatedly across many BJJ gyms.

Emotional benefits: BJJ can help you positively express your emotions and feelings. BJJ is an outlet for your emotions, such as anger, frustration, sadness, joy, and excitement. BJJ allows you to vent your feelings through physical exertion and catharsis. BJJ also helps you regulate your emotions by teaching you how to cope with pain, fear, disappointment, and frustration. BJJ also enables you to cultivate positive emotions such as gratitude, happiness,

compassion, and love. Some BJJ professors, or head instructors, are trained to be trauma-informed during BJJ classes.

Community benefits: BJJ can help you contribute to your community and society. BJJ is a way of life that values honor, integrity, loyalty, discipline, and service. BJJ encourages you to be a good citizen and role model by following the rules, being honest, helping others, and giving back. BJJ also connects you to a global community of like-minded individuals who share your passion and vision.

Overall empowerment: BJJ can help you become a more empowered female in all aspects of your life. BJJ gives you the tools to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and fulfill dreams. BJJ gives you the confidence to express, assert, and respect yourself. BJJ gives you the freedom to explore yourself, discover yourself, and be yourself. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gives you the power to empower yourself to grow however you choose.